The government's only road roller in Vava'u falls into sea at Vaipua bridge. Photo/Supplied

A road roller overturned and fell into the sea at Vaipua bridge in Neiafu this morning.

The driver was unharmed and made his own way to shore, Neiafu town officer Vāvā Lapota said.

The cause of the incident is not yet known.

it is understood the roller was on its way from Neiafu to Taoa, Hihifo.

No reports of attempts to recover the equipment but apparently it will remain there overnight and will be covered by another high tide.

It is also understood this was the only road roller in Vava’u owned by the government and its loss could delay the current government’s new roading project scheduled for the islands.


  1. Doesn’t sound right…that’s a long stretch of road and he “decides” to drive off the bridge hhhh…kinda suspicious of this driver from Tongatapu😕😕😕😕

  2. Kataki pe totonu ke nau fai ha training mo ha teuteu feunga ki mua ae kau fkuli misini pe a mau mo haánau laiseni ha osi ha ngaahi houa lahi é nau ngaue áki ngaahi saliote misini lalahi ki he ngaue fk civil engineer pe a toki ngofua ke fkuli ha tokotaha.


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