Man arrested with 15 stolen cartons of mutton as over 80 arrested in Tonga for violating nationwide Covid-19 curfew

    Tonga on lockdown over Covid-19. Photo/Kaniva Tonga (Patimiosi Ngūngūtau)

    Tonga’s police have arrested 81 people for breaching the nationwide curfew which started on March 28 as part of government measures to restrict Covid-19.

    The arrests and charges were made following obstruction of police officers, public drunkenness and housebreaking, Deputy Acting Police Commissioner ‘Atunaisa Taumoepeau said.

    Last night Police arrested a 30-year-old man from Longolongo for breaching of curfew and and an active warrant for his arrest.

    Police also seized 15 cartons of mutton from the suspect’s car and are making inquiries into the owner of the goods that are believed to be stolen.

    The accused is remanded in police custody while investigation continues.

     “We urged people to respect the law, respect our officers as they go about their duty. This is a difficult time but we need the public to follow instructions and comply with the directions of the National Lockdown,” said A/Deputy Commissioner  Taumoepeau.

    “We are here to save lives and to keep everyone safe. People need to stay home especially during the curfew hours.”

    Police are working together with His Majesty‟s Armed Forces to enforce the National Lockdown Order. “We will not hesitate to take enforcement action on those who continue to ignore the restrictions.”

    You can contact the Police Operation Centre on or call 23713 to report anyone who is breaching the Lockdown instructions or their responsibilities.


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