MMA fighter’s mom slaps son and yells at him for losing

Growing up under the Kichigin roof must have been tough.

The three Kichigin brothers — Georgiy, Grigoriy and Viktor — all fight in MMA, and their mom, Anna Azovskaya, trained all of them.

Unfortunately for the youngest, Viktor, his mom was in his corner for his regrettable fight on Thursday’s Fight Nights Global 67 card in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

That was just the beginning for what must be Kichigin’s most embarrassing night.

His opponent, Ruslan Yamanbae, eventually won by TKO in the second round by mounting Kichigin and flooding him with a steady diet of elbows and jabs.

That’s when Kichigin’s mom entered the cage.

It initially appeared to be a loving parent tending her wounded son, but that was far from the case.

Kichigin’s mom screams in his bloodied face inside the octagon before slapping him in front of everyone.


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