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Bearded men carry ‘more germs than dogs’, study finds

By PADRAIC FLANAGAN FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY It's bad news for hipsters but men with beards harbour more germs...

Insane haircutting technique involves lighting hair on fire

This is the bizarre moment a barber set a customer’s hair on fire — on purpose — while giving him a haircut.

First cousins in love with each other petition to get legally married in Utah

By LAUREN FRUEN FOR DAILYMAIL.COM Two Utah cousins are petitioning for the right to get wed in their home state...

INF nuclear treaty: Russia follows US in suspending pact

(BBC) Russia has suspended its involvement in the Cold War-era Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) following a similar decision by the US.

China condemns ‘baby gene editing’ scientist

(BBC) China says the scientist who claims to have created the world's first genetically edited babies last year acted illegally and in...

Morbidly obese woman undergo surgery after begging gov’t for help

By LAURA HEDGES FOR DAILY MAIL AUSTRALIA A morbidly obese Indonesian woman has undergone life-saving weight loss surgery...

Trump-Kim summit: Second meeting by end of February

(BBC) - US President Donald Trump is to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for a second summit by the end of...

Father learns three sons aren’t his after 20 years of parenting

Daily Telegraph UK, By: Jack Hardy A search has begun for the biological father of three sons...