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NZ top lawyer hired: Fituafe ‘hopeful’ she will still win against Deputy PM appealing his bribery conviction case

Tongan plaintiffs and defendants are awaiting decisions by the Appeal Court over a number of appeals against electoral bribery convictions of some...

Tongan brothers killed in US car crash

Two brothers who died in a devastating crash in California, United States have been named and pictured as their family pay...

Funeral of Potenitila Moimoi who died after giving birth to her 7th child

Hundreds are paying their respects as the funeral of Potenitila Moimoi, who died after giving birth to her seventh child, has taken...

“Any fool could tell” – but still the ferry fit only for scrap was allowed to sail to her doom

MV Princess Ashika anniversary. “Any fool could tell how bad the ship was.” Many of...

Tongan family mourns son’s death after a single-vehicle crash on SH1, Northland

A young Tongan man died after a single-vehicle crash on Umawera State High Way 1, Northland, New Zealand on Wednesday.

Lord Fohe tipped to become Minister in PM Hu‘akavameiliku’s cabinet

Nobility MP Lord Fohe could become the second nobility member to join Hon Hu’akavameiliku’s cabinet. Lord Fohe

Two officers suspended after inquest confirms death by suicide at Mu’a custody  

The cause of death of a man at a Mu’a police cell was suicide, an inquest panel said today.

Kind-hearted community members offering to raise kids after mum died giving birth to her 7th child

Community supports and assistance have poured in for the children of the Va'epopua mother who died yesterday after giving birth to her...