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Polls in Tonga open for 2021 election

By RNZ.co.nz and is republished with permission.  About 60,000 Tongan voters are able to vote in a new government today. They will be electing 17 People's...

NRL virtual training programs focus on Pacific

By RNZ/Radio New Zealand is republished with permission.  NRL's Game Development Manager in Tonga, Tavake Fangupo, is hopeful training programs being run virtually by the...

Fanongonongo eni ki he ngaahi mātu’a Stutton Park

SUTTON PARK SCHOOL 89 Vine Street, Mangere East, Auckland 2024 Telephone (09) 276 4560   

‘Ikai mo‘oni ongoongo fakamofele ‘e he 5G ‘a e Kōviti-19 mo fakavaivai‘i ‘ōkani malu’i sino e tangata’

Kuo ma'ave'ave ‘eni hono sea holo he mītia fakasōsiale' ‘e hotau kakai' he uike' ni ha ngaahi fakamatala hala mo ‘ikai mo’oni...

Fanongonongo ki he Ngaahi Mātu‘a ‘o e ‘Apiako Sutton Park, Aokalani, NZ

‘Aho 9 ‘Epeleli 2020 Ngaahi Mātu’a ‘o e ‘Apiako Sutton Park ‘Oku ou ‘amanaki pē ‘oku...

Two Covid-19 suspects test negative, as government restricts travel under state of emergency

Tonga’s two latest suspected cases of coronavirus have tested negative. The TBC quoted Health Minister Hon. Dr ‘Amelia Tu’ipulotu...