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‘Akilisi died a homeless man; once joked he would rather happy to have a “tofi’a” in heaven

‘Akilisi Pohiva spent his life moving from house to house either owned by his sisters, brothers or his own children all through his...

New Zealand-born Tongan contestant crowned 2019 Miss Universe NZ in Auckland

Tongan contestant Diamond Langi has won this year’s Miss Universe New Zealand contest. Langi holds a master's degree in styling and...

Tongan scholar exposes youth suicide rate, says more research needed to find ways to help

Young Tongans have the highest rates of youth suicide in New Zealand, according to a newly completed doctoral thesis by a Tongan scholar.

Raising a family is harder than doing a doctorate, says Tongan PhD candidate

Getting a PhD doesn’t even come close to the work his mother did in raising her children, according to Faka’iloatonga Taumoefolau.

Hihifo supporters to raise money for new centre at events in Australia, New Zealand and Tonga

Supporters of the Hihifo rugby union club are hoping to raise TP$200,000 at fund raising events in Australia, New Zealand and Tonga.

Tonga’s dialysis centre named after young man who died in US, report says

Tonga’s new dialysis centre which preparation for its construction work was currently being processed will be named after a Tongan man who...

Heilala history rewritten in retaliation for former Miss Heilala Funganitao’s speech

Tonga’s tourist authorities will wipe former Miss Heilala Kalo Funganitao from the records in retaliation for her speech at this year’s crowning...

Miss Pacific Islands denies Deputy PM made racist remarks; says they came from VIP area

Tonga’s Deputy Prime Minister Semisi Sika was not the person who made racist remark at the Heilala Festival’ crowning evening, according to Miss Pacific...