Tonga police warn schools after men attempt to lure children into cars

Schools on Tongatapu have been warned about men who approached children and tried to get them into vehicles.

“Several complaints from concerned parents and citizens reveal that there have been incidents of  suspicious males that had attempted to lure young children into their vehicles,” a police statement said this afternoon.

A class two child was approached by a man  trying to convince them to get into his vehicle, it said.

“Luckily, an adult who knew the child was nearby, and prevented any  unwanted result from the situation”. 

The warning came after reports on social media alleged Ma’ufanga and Fanga government middle schools had been targeted. Some parents reported seeing several incidents where a man approached young children in a suspicious manner.

Police said they visited schools. It was unclear whether they have identified any suspects or not.

“Principals and Teachers are also encouraged to share with Police anything that comes to their  attention that would likely place their young students’ lives and safety at risk”. 

Some safety measures proposed for schools and parents include: 

1. Remind children not to talk to strangers and not to accept anything offered by anyone  other than their parents, family members, or teacher.  

2. Pick up your child on time and share a list of those that can pick up your child with the school. 3. Parents to provide lunches for their children to prevent children from leaving the school  compound.  

4. School gates to be locked during school hours. 

5. Have a designated location, that can be easily monitored, for drop off and pick up.  6. A teacher must accompany students while waiting for pick-up at the end of school. 7. Alert Police should you or the child feel unsafe. 

“Tonga Police is committed to serve and be one with the community, primarily to keep everyone safe  and to feel safe. 

If you have any information to share with Police in relation to this issue, please contact us on 922 or  740-1625″. 


  1. We have seen and experienced the nature and characters of those who committed those criminal activities across the world. They are indeed very sick people. Surprisingly, it occurred in Tonga today.

    The question now is, what have been the most triggers of this kind of serious insane behavior in Tonga today? While there are lots of answers out there, there is a combination of factors such as deportation, drugs, new technology, diversity, and ‘corruption’ activities to name a few have been injected into Tonga society today. Lastly, there is a lack of political will (to implement policy), a weak system, and an incompetent level of intelligence.


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