Rugby test fan ‘piddler on the roof’ unmasked on Australian TV

The man who allegedly urinated from the roof of the SCG’s O’Reilly Stand during the weekend’s Wallabies v England rugby Test has been identified as a Kiwi.

It’s alleged Danny King answered a call of nature in a very public way during the weekend’s Wallabies v England rugby Test. (Source: Other)

Australian TV show A Current Affair has unmasked former Queenstown resident Danny King as the person who answered a call of nature in a very public way – and got a lifetime ban from Rugby Australia events for it.

The programme tracked down King, a bodybuilder based in Bondi, and questioned him.

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Reporter Steve Marshall, a fellow Kiwi, eventually found him in a shopping mall. Marshall referred to King as the “piddler on the roof” and asked him why he did it.

The alleged urinator fled on foot from both Marshall and his question as the reporter shouted “have you got the runs Danny? I thought it was number ones?”

But despite further interrogation, it became obvious King didn’t want to explain himself or how he got on the roof.

He said he didn’t put anyone else but himself at risk. That’s despite police officers having to scale the roof themselves to fetch him.

And after further dialogue, King seemingly had enough, threatening Marshall and telling him to “f*** off”.

“Mate you’re gonna get a fist in the face in a minute,” he said.

He then called the police to report Marshall.

King was arrested and charged with two offences – behaving in an offensive manner and climbing on buildings without approval.

But in the end, he said he expected to get a slap on the wrist.

He is due back in Sydney court on Monday.


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