Police probe after 69-year-old man found dead in apparent suicide

    The Police are investigating after a man died on Monday in what they had described as alleged ‘suicide’ while at Mu’a police custody.

    Photo/Kaniva Tonga News

    It said the deceased, was overly intoxicated, and was arrested and detained by Police on Sunday evening following a complaint and call for assistance from his wife.

    “Police found the man dead in a police cell on the morning of Monday, 4th July in circumstances indicating suicide”, Commissioner Shane McLennan said.

    McLennan described the situation as “regrettable incident”.

    “We are allowing the Professional Standards investigation to take its course. Any negligence of duty is not acceptable and will not be tolerated, as it undermines the commitment of the majority of our police staff and importantly, the trust and confidence of the public that we serve,” Commissioner Shane McLennan said.

     An inquest will be held upon completion of the police investigation.


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