Kind-hearted community members offering to raise kids after mum died giving birth to her 7th child

    Community supports and assistance have poured in for the children of the Va’epopua mother who died yesterday after giving birth to her seventh child.

    Pōteni and her children

    Poteni Moimoi died on Wednesday morning, shortly after giving birth to her newborn baby.

    Her friends and kāinga described her on social media after her child’s birth as safe and sound.

    Her family shared to Facebook a photo of Poteni lying smilingly on a bed while her husband ‘Isoa Moimoi was standing by her bedside carrying their newborn in what appeared to be a room at Vaiola hospital.

    The sharing of those photos did not take long before the family returned to social media but this time launching a blood A+ donation appeal for Poteni.

    They also asked for prayers for the mother of seven.

    A friend who knew the Moimois told Kaniva News he believed the eldest child was still at intermediate school and he was around 11 or 12 years old.

    Meanwhile, tributes have flown for the victim.

    ‘Isoa posted a heartbreaking tribute to his wife online, which translated to “Poteni, you have taught me to learn from your way of life and to always try. Your smiling face reminds me of the pathway you went through and how you endured difficulties. You taught me to be courageous and never complain. You taught me that love was religious and put God first. I love you my sweetheart”.

    ‘Isoa Moimoi and her wife Poteni Moimoi and their newborn child before his wife died. Photo/Supplied

    Some community members took to Facebook and asking for ‘Isoa’s contact details. Some even wanted to talk to him to see if they can help raise some of the kids. Some people have indicated they could offer scholarships and other supports for the children.

    “I feel sad I wasn’t with Teni when she died, I was so upset I couldn’t think. She’s an absolutely amazing mother,” a commenter wrote in Tongan.

    “I missed her smiling face. After her work she came and met her children held them up and hugged them. What a loss”, a neighbour wrote.

    “Oh my gosh. I can’t believed that you left so young”, a commenter wrote.

    Some of the photos shared to Facebook showed her family and kāinga surrounded a bed in what appeared to be a room at hospital on which Moimoi and her child were laid.

    “Wake up Teni and look at your dad he’s so devasted after you left,” another wrote.

    “It is so heart-breaking to see she left so early leaving back her six children”, one wrote.


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