Bloomfield not ‘in the running for All Blacks coaching job’


Outgoing Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield says he won’t be lining up to coach the All Blacks, despite yelling himself hoarse while issuing “instructions” during the third and final Test against Ireland on Saturday.

Rugby fan Bloomfield ‘will not be in the running for the All Blacks coaching job’ Video


The outgoing Director-General of Health says a career in coaching isn’t likely. (Source: Other)

Bloomfield, who is in his final weeks in the role, gave a Covid-19 update on Tuesday.

Sounding slightly throaty, he said he wasn’t ill, but still showing the effects of cheering at the match, which Ireland won to seal a famous series victory, and increase the pressure on All Blacks coach Ian Foster.

Whatever happens, Bloomfield, who played in the loose forwards at Wellington’s Scott College as a teenager and has played the odd match in recent years, won’t be lining up a pro coaching job for his next role.

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“I was yelling instructions loudly at the All Blacks on Saturday night and unfortunately, they didn’t seem to take any notice of what my suggestions were so quite clearly, even though I’m finishing at the end of next week, I will not be in the running for the All Blacks coaching job,” he said.

“It was a great game to watch and I really enjoyed it.”


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