Brutal brawl between Tongatapu school boys caught on camera

Shocking footage of Tupou College and Tonga College boys punching and attacking each other on a busy main road has been captured on camera.

Fighting between Tupou College and Tonga College students

Police and senior students attempted to break it up.

Footage shows some boys even run in, scaling a car, and leaping off the bonnet to join the fray.

Some concerned parents feared for their children’s safety after reports a student was seriously injured.

A video of the incident was posted on Facebook by a witness who said the brawl was “f****n disturbing”

“This is nonsense at its best”,  a commenter wrote on Facebook.

One woman wrote in Tongan: “Sick of this, it’s ugly”.

The rivalry between the two colleges was deeply ingrained and has been so for many years.

Recent attempts to reconcile and resolve the conflict had brought hope to many  after the students were seen holding prayer services and mixing and walking together in public places. However, today’s incident appeared to show that all the good works done to bring an end to the rivalry were fruitless.   


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