Shocking video shows man hitting and punching woman while dancing

    A Tongan man has been caught on camera slapping a woman’s back before uppercutting her face with his left hand on a dance floor.

    A man caught on camera punching a woman

    A woman who was dancing with the accused immediately grabbed the man’s hand and led him out of the dancing floor, a video clip seen by Kaniva News showed.

    Bystanders and dancers closed to the incident appeared shocked by the attack.

    It has been reported the incident happened in Maui, Hawai’i last night during an alumni function.

    It appeared the victim was joyfully dancing by herself around the dance floor before she passed the man who was dancing with his partner.

    The reason behind the attack was unknown.

    The video was shared on Facebook by a person who recorded it onFacebook live.

    Many Facebook users were outraged by the man’s action.

    “How on earth a man could do this to a woman who was just like his own mother,” a commenter wrote.

    “That’s terrible and it was disrespectful to beat the woman like that,” another wrote.

    However, some commenters defended the man’s action.

    They alleged there was what appeared to be a long feud between the victim, the man, and the man’s wife. 

    “The man was fed up with the victim for spreading gossip and making fun of the couple’s marital relationship. What her problems with the couple”, a commenter who supported the man wrote.


    1. That is not an excuse what so ever for him to hit the woman. If he was so fed up with her spreading rumors about their martial status. Why not report her so she can stop her mouthing off about them. Violence does not solve anything. It just ignite it.


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