Driver allegedly involved in fatal hit-and-run in eastern Nuku‘alofa arrested

    Tongatapu police say they have arrested a 30-year-old Pili driver involved in an alleged hit-and-run that left a 40-year-old Ma’ufanga man dead.

    Tonga Police. Photo/Kalino Lātū

    The fatal collision happened on Tuesday at around 7.20pm on Tupoulahi Road at Fasimoeafi.

    The driver had failed to stop and report the accident to police, said Deputy Police Commissioner Tevita Vailea.

    Vailea said the victim was rushed to the hospital.

    “Medical officials notified Police yesterday, 20th April of the injured victim and the critical condition that he was in, and a Police investigation was launched straightaway.

    “Police located the driver responsible and made arrest around 10:40 pm last night.

    “Not long after the arrest, at around 11.11pm last night, Police received a report from the Vaiola Hospital that the victim has passed away.

    “The deceased’s family was advised immediately.

    “This fatal accident is the second road death for this year, 2022. The suspect remains in Police custody for reckless driving causing death and is due to appear in court later this week.

    Contact Police on phone 740-1660 or 922 to share any information you may know about this incident or any crime”.


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