Luxon admits he shouldn’t have hugged, shaken hands at event

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National Party leader Christopher Luxon, who this week tested positive for Covid-19, admits that in hindsight he shouldn’t have been hugging and shaking hands with so many people at an event at the weekend.

Christopher Luxon hugging supporters after delivering State of the Nation
Christopher Luxon hugging supporters after delivering State of the Nation (Source: 1News)

It comes after Luxon attended a conference at the weekend where he gave a State of the Nation speech.

Video shows him shaking hands and hugging several people at the event on Sunday.

Luxon then confirmed he had tested positive for Covid-19 on Monday.

Speaking to Breakfast on Wednesday, host Matty McLean asked if it was irresponsible in hindsight to have had such close contact with people amid the Omicron outbreak.

“I’d been wearing the KN95 masks for some time, we follow social distancing, I’ve been testing every morning and sometimes multiple times a day,” he said.

“And, yeah, maybe in hindsight I should have pulled back on the hugging and made sure I could avoid it but, yeah, it’s a good example and a good reminder why we need to be wearing masks.”

When asked if he was concerned for the well-being of those at the conference following his positive test, Luxon said he wasn’t because he made sure he was negative for Covid-19 before attending the event.

It comes after National’s deputy leader Nicola Willis confirmed on Tuesday that “around 11” National MPs (including Luxon) either isolating as a household contact or have Covid-19 themselves.

When Willis was asked about Luxon’s contact at the weekend’s event, she told 1News it was “a difficult time for all New Zealanders in that we know that Omicron is in the community but many of us still have the urge to have the similar physical contact with colleagues, friends and family members that we normally do”.

“It’s very difficult to stop that human instinct to engage with people. That’s why mask wearing is so important and why we should all stick to the rules when it comes to reducing transmission.”

Luxon added on Wednesday morning that we was feeling “really good” and still able to continue working from home in Auckland.

He said his family was also “in good shape” too.


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