Tonga Covid-19 cases rise to 108 with 43 new cases

There are 107 active Covid-19 cases in the community on Saturday taking the total number of cases to 108 after one had been recovered.

Tonga on lockdown over Covid-19. Photo/Kaniva Tonga (Patimiosi Ngūngūtau)

Prime Minister Hu’akavameiliku said during a press conference this afternoon the number of active cases was 107.

He said it was 108 including one which had been recovered. He said yesterday the number of active cases stood at 64 after one patient’s re-testing result returned negative.

New locations of interest in Tongatapu relating to the current outbreak included Houma, Nukunuku, Ma’ufanga, Veitongo, Utulau, Tofoa, Pea, Popua and Matahau.

The Minister of Health said most of these patients showed no signs of illness while the rest was mild.

A Ministry of Health team was currently conducting tests in Vava’u while surveillance testing was underway in ‘Eua and Ha’apai.

Honorable Piukala said vaccination for children from 5 to 11 year-old is planned to start in April, 2022.

Vaccination rates continue to increase with 98 percent had their first dose, 89 percent had their second dose and 15 percent
took their booster shots.

A total of 1,776 people need to get their first dose. They are encouraged to get their vaccinations as soon as possible given the critical state in Tonga.

Frontliners are being monitored consistently with rapid tests being conducted to confirm they are free
to continue to work.

Hon Piukala called for members of the public to respect restrictions put in place and follow safety measures.

As new measures to ensure media reps attending future press conferences are cleared Honorable
Hu’akavameiliku wants media reps to get rapid tests done to confirm they are cleared to attend the


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