Army vehicles in Wellington on day 10 of Parliament protest

By and is republished with permission.

A number of military vehicles will be stationed in Wellington on Thursday as anti-Covid-19 vaccine mandate protests at Parliament enter their tenth day.

Seymour said he had met with an intermediary representing the “emergent leadership” of the protest and had asked for dialogue with certain pre-conditions. (Source: 1News)

No decision has been made around their use to assist in the towing operation of protesters’ vehicles.

So far around a dozen vehicles have been moved voluntarily from the streets surrounding Parliament, but none towed.

On Wednesday police thanked “influencers” for helping get some of the protesters’ vehicles moved.

But on Thursday around 450 vehicles are clogging the streets.

It comes as police say more protesters including children arrived in the area on Wednesday.

Speaking to RNZ on Thursday morning Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson said the protesters have a right to express their views and have made their point, but it time to leave the area.


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