Young Tongan woman’s bloodied face video sparks domestic abuse debate after Tik Tok removes clip

A shocking video of a young Tongan woman’s bruised and bloodied face has gone viral after its Tik Tok account created to expose the damage was removed by the platform’s authority.

Nau Hoeft

Nau Hoeft, 22, alleged she was subject to a four-year abuse from her boy friend and decided to go public about her alleged experience with domestic violence last week.

Tik Tok has removed the video from its platform saying “the blood and bruises were against platform policies”.

However, a copy of the video was shared on Facebook on Tuesday.

The video has been viewed more than 8,000 times on Facebook with users expressing their disgust over the attacks. It racked up more than 300 reactions as of last night.

Ms Hoeft’s supporters have asked people on Facebook to be alert to the signs of domestic violence.

Commenters have hailed Hoeft for her bravery and determination to move on with her life.

One user labelled her abuser as a ‘low-life’, another calls him ‘scum’, all outraged over what they saw in the horrifying photos and video of Hoeft being slapped and showing her bloodied and bruised face.

Some Facebook users were of a view that things happened for a reason while others believed there was no justification for abusing someone like what Ms Hoeft had experienced.

Ms Hoeft met her “ex boyfriend four years ago, when she was just 18, while on a trip from her home in Christchurch, New Zealand, to a small island in the South Pacific”, the Daily Mail Australia reported.

It said the young woman didn’t want to leave her partner because she thought he would change.

After arriving at her parents’ home last week she was taken to the hospital immediately because she couldn’t see properly out of her left eye, before she filed a police report.

It is understood the accused was arrested and charged that night, before he was released on bail given a court date.


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