What you can do under the Red traffic light setting

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The entire country moved from the Orange traffic light setting to Red from 11.59pm on Sunday, meaning new restrictions have come into force.

NZ to move to Red setting at 11:59pm tonight
It comes after nine Omicron community cases were discovered in the Nelson-Tasman region.

Red comes into effect when hospitalisation rates are likely unsustainable.

Here’s a reminder of the rules under the Red traffic light setting:


Under the Red alert level setting, gatherings can go ahead, with and without vaccine passes.

However, there are capacity limits of up to 100 people for homes, and up to 100 based on 1-metre physical distancing in public venues with vaccine passes.

Up to 25 people can gather at a home, or up to 25 in in a “single defined space” at other venues, without a vaccine pass.

Funerals, tangihanga and last rites can also go ahead at Red, with restrictions.

Visiting friends and family at homes, social housing, aged care facilities, hospitals and prisons can also go ahead.

Click here for a full list of the Red traffic light setting


A barista in a small business (file image).

Hospitality venues such as cafes, bars, restaurants and nightclubs can open at Red with vaccine passes and restrictions.

Hospitality venues which follow vaccine pass requirements, meaning only people with My Vaccine Pass may enter the premises, have gathering limits of up to 100 people based on 1-metre distancing.

Nightclubs may also open but customers must be seated and separated. Dancing is not allowed.


Early childhood centres, playgrounds, schools and kura can operate at Red and must follow public health measures.

Students from Year 4 and up must wear face coverings indoors and when in close contact with others. Staff and teachers must also wear face coverings.

Students can also attend tertiary education in person with vaccine passes.


A file image of a woman with her luggage at an airport.

People can travel at Red, and accommodation can open without restrictions.

A vaccine pass or negative Covid-19 test is not required to travel unless people are travelling with some transport providers.

Face coverings are required on flights, Cook Strait ferries and at arrival and departure points, such as airports.


Shops, retail outlets and close-proximity businesses can open at Red with capacity limits and 1-metre physical distancing.

People can also have tradespeople and home services inside their homes at Red.

Face coverings must be worn when shopping and going to a bank.

Moving, Buying or Selling Your Home

People can move, buy or sell their house at Red.

Holding and attending open homes and carrying out property inspections is also allowed.

Businesses and Workplaces

Workplaces can open at Red but working from home is encouraged.

This applies to food and drink services (excluding takeaway-only businesses), events, close-proximity businesses and indoor exercise facilities, such as gyms. The mandate also applies to on-site tertiary education when Red settings are in place.

Close-contact businesses such as hairdressers, as well as gyms and any indoor and outdoor events, can not open or proceed if vaccine certificates are not being used.


Events may go ahead at Red with vaccine pass requirements.

Public facilities such as libraries and zoos can also open at Red with restrictions.

Sport and Recreation

People can attend sports events and play sport at Red with vaccine pass restrictions.

Indoor and outdoor recreation facilities can also open at Red with restrictions.


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