Mango survivors mourn dead tsunami victim while awaiting rescuers

Survivors and relatives of one of the deceased after Tonga’s fatal tsunami lamented the body of the man who died in the island of Mango.

All houses on the island were wiped out by the deadly waves of up to 15 metres high.

At least three people have died following the massive volcanic eruption and subsequent tsunami wave.

One of them was Telai Tutuila, 65, of Mango.

Tutu’ila’s funeral service was captured on video which is believed to have been taken shortly after the tsunami.

It shows what appeared to be the deceased’s body covered with Tongan mats and blankets while mourners were heard crying and standing around it.

The video was uploaded to Facebook by Mango resident Piokalafi Faka’osi who goes by the Facebook name Piokalafi Fakaoc on Monday.

It has been viewed more than 20,000 times. It received about 700 reactions and 70 shares on Faka’osi’ Facebook account.

Another post showed Tutu’ila’s cemetery with farewell messages including one which a survivor asked him to look after the island while they were being away.

All Mango survivors had been evacuated to Tongatapu this week.


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