Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha‘apai hit with 36 quakes since deadly eruption, Geological boss says

More than a week from Tonga’s deadly tsunami that killed three people there had been 36 earthquakes in the Hungas’ eruption zone, Tonga Geological Services boss said.

The volcano was a two small, adjacent islands namely Hunga-Tonga and Hunga-Ha’apai, that sat just over 100 metres above sea level.

After the eruption in 2015, ash and rock deposits left over from the volcanic activity joined the two islands.

Head Geologist Taniela Kula told Radio FM 87.5 livestream yesterday that 80 percent of the Hungas have disappeared following the volcanic eruption which triggered the powerful tsunami on Saturday 15.

He said that since the eruptions occurred in 2009, 2015 and in 2021 it appeared the volcano could maintain a five or six-year pattern of eruptions.

Scientists around the world believed “the explosion probably could affect weather in the short term”.

UK scientists examining weather satellite data believed the plume from Tonga’s eruption had reached around 55km (35 miles) above the Earth’s surface.

The scale of the eruption was hailed as a “once in a millenium” event by one scientist, according to a BBC report.


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