Afā shooting victim’s angry mum shares disappointment on social media

    The mother of a man who was allegedly shot in Afā, Tongatapu over the weekend has lashed out at his son’s attacker and his family warning them to wait until police investigation was over.

    Grieving mum wanted to keep the peace. Photo/Screenshot

    The furious mother appeared to have been devastated by allegations posted to Facebook by the alleged attacker’s relatives regarding his son after the shootings.

    Kaniva understands two young men were injured after the shootings on Saturday night.

    It appears that the incident was a result of previous disputes between groups of people from Afā and Niutōua.

    The enraged mum’s live clip was posted to Youtube this morning. She said the condition of his son and what had happened to him was so hard to bear.

    She said she and her family were struggling to keep the peace.

    Police have yet to release any information about the shooting on their official Facebook page.


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