Malia Li jailed after leaving disabled husband to die in his own waste

    The Tongan woman who was found guilty after leaving her disabled husband to die in his own waste has been jailed for five years and seven month’s imprisonment. 

    Malia ‘Unalotokipea Li (L), Lanitola ‘Epenisa (inset). Photo/Supplied

    In  October  2 2016, the ambulance officers arrived at the victim’s Mangere home and confirmed that the prisoner’s husband Lanitola ‘Epenisa was dead. The police were then notified. ‘Epenisa’s body  was found in the La-Z-Boy chair in the bedroom. 

    The police conducted a preliminary examination. They smelt urine and faeces in the bedroom, the court was told.  They observed a stench of urine and decay when they moved a mat on the floor and a wet stain on the floor. A mouse ran out of the La-Z-Boy chair when it was moved. 

    In sentencing Li Justice Wylie said the family at the time was impoverished. Li and his  husband and their two daughters shared the same bedroom in the Kivell Close house. There were others living in the house and still more people living in the garage. The house was poorly maintained. 

    Li wrote  a heartfelt letter to the judge and  expressed remorse. 

    The judge said: “You accept full responsibility for your actions and tell me that you accept in full the jury’s verdict. You ask for forgiveness”. 

    Justice Wylie recognised Li’s remorse and took time off her sentence for her health conditions and recognition that prison would be particularly difficult for her. 


    1. Should be mercy for her cause husband dead gone if her Prison Sentence bring her husband back than agreed


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