Women shave heads to support candidate as two withdraw from Tonga election

    Some women shaved off their hairs to show solidarity with their Tongatapu 7 candidate Paula Pīveni Piukala whose head was shaved entirely.

    Profile photo on Losaline Fehoko Pakalani Matauvave Facebook.

    One of the undated video clips which has been widely circulated on social media, features a man shaving off a woman’s hair.

    A caption under a profile photo on Facebook by the name Losaline Fehoko Pakalani Matauvave, said:

    “Just for you brother Paula Piveni Piukala”.

    Another woman by the Facebook name known as Brian O’Driscoll Jr has her profile photo with her hair being shaved off.

    Piukala, was the PTOA People’s Board party candidate.

    Meanwhile, two candidates have pulled out of the election candidate list.

    ‘Ālani Ramsay declared yesterday he withdrew to support MP Sēmisi Fakahau who was running for Tongatapu 8.

    Paula Piveni Piukala. Photo/Kalino Lātū

    Ramsay was a candidate for the PTOA People’s Board party for Tongatapu 8 while Fakahau was a member of the PTOA Core Team led by MP Sēmisi Sika.

    Lawyer Sione Fonua who was running for the People’s Board party withdrew previously.

    Profile photo on Brian O’Driscoll Jr. Facebook

    That brings down the number of candidates being registered for the General Election on November 18 from 75 to 73.

    Over 64,000 voters are expected to cast their votes in about two weeks time.



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