Firefighters breaking down gates in attempt to put out house fire at Tufumāhina royal residence

    Tongatapu firefighters responded to a house fire alert and had to break locked gates down so they could reach the fire scene.

    Black smoke was pouring while the house going up in flames at Tufumāhina royal residence, a video clip taken near the scene shows.

    The clip, which was shared to Facebook last night, also appeared to show two fire engines remained park in idle mode outside the high fence property while the firefighters were trying to break down the gates.

    It was unclear whether or not the fire was brought under control. The video camera man followed the fire engines to the scene after the gates were opened but he was told to leave.

    The cause of the fire remains unknown. No reports of injuries.

    The property was owned by the king and it was normally guarded by members of His Majesty’s Armed Forces.


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