Mr Rafaat Ebrahim: Tonga Medical board warns of unlicensed doctor  

    The Tonga Medical and Dental Practice Board (MDPB) has warned a self-proclaimed medical doctor in Tonga is not a licensed health professional.

    Mr. Rafaat Ebrahim. Photo/Talanoa ‘O Tonga

    Mr Rafaat Ebrahim was not board-certified therefore he was not allowed to offer any professional medical advice in the kingdom.

    The board said Ebrahim, who is also known as the “Egyptian Doctor” was not registered with the MDPB, which accredits medical staff in the country.

    “He has applied to be registered as a Medical Doctor but he has not provided sufficient evidence to the Board that he underwent the rigorous training to become a Medical Doctor,” the Board said, according to a public announcement notice seen by Kaniva News.

    “As such, any claims by this individual or a group of people that Mr. Ebrahim is a Medical Doctor is false information. He has no right to offer medical advice or treat anyone in Tonga under the pretention of him being a doctor”.


    1. Who is holding this quorum a doctor impersonator Where is the law Is the presence of the father of his wife a minister Who stands against the corrupt of the people of Tonga

    2. Why that Pizza delivery….Come to the Kingdom and says..He’s a Doctor?..what?…You think that Tonga is a tiny Island and dumbed people….You realize now that you a sick in the head…That you came all the way from cooking Pizza in Egypt and become a dentist in my Island, hellll noooo!!! You’ve should have sell Pizza in here or run a pizza restaurant,or taxi driver,etc…Including the family you marrying too…They should told you off, or stop you,or give you advise, They just went with it, trying to make money, Out of poor people in here, I’m talking about how AFI’I you are to do that….Hoiii plss… PULU family’s should’ve told you…Probably they just want to build their reputation, and extra energy for the vote in NOVEMBER…But this is ridicculous, selfish, greedy, evil, To guide a lot of people just for the sake of one family….COME ON …

    3. Why allow the prick into Tonga in the first place? I see so many “Dick” and “Harry” proclaiming to be somebody that they’re not supposed to be! Don’t know much about this so called Dr. but Did you Mr. Ebrahim think you can get away with it?


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