Four contacts linked to Tonga Covid-19 case, 160 new community cases in NZ

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There are 160 new community cases today – 151 in Auckland, seven in Waikato and one each in Northland and Canterbury.

There was no media briefing today. In a statement the Ministry said 95 of today’s cases are still to be linked and there have been 358 unlinked cases in the past 14 days.

“The case numbers reported today are a reminder of the infectiousness of Covid-19, and particularly the Delta variant, and the importance of vaccination as the best protection. The rise in case numbers is not unexpected and is line with modelling to date.”

There are 47 people in hospital, up from 37 yesterday. Two are in intensive care.

There are also two new cases at the border.

There were 125 new Covid-19 cases in the community reported yesterday afternoon.

There were 42,755 vaccine doses given yesterday – 10,995 first doses and 31,760 second doses.

There have now been 3205 cases in the current outbreak.

More cases in retirement home

Another seven residents and one staff member at the Edmonton Meadows retirement village in Henderson have tested positive for Covid-19 – bringing the total number of cases at the home to nine.

“It’s important to note there are high levels of vaccination among residents of the home, and all staff are fully vaccinated,” said the Ministry

“All staff and residents have now been tested and will also receive day 5 and day 12 testing.”

Only one positive staff member has been required to stand down.

The retirement village has been operating under alert level 3 guidelines for visitors.

New Canterbury case

The new case reported in Christchurch today is not linked to earlier cases reported in the city this week, but is a person who recently arrived in New Zealand and tested positive after multiple negative tests in MIQ in Auckland.

After being released and travelling to Christchurch, they had a further test which returned a positive result last night.

They have reported as being full vaccinated.

The Ministry said the person is now self-isolating in Christchurch, “pending further tests to determine the source of infection and whether it is acute or historical”.

Tongan case contacts travel to Wellington

Two of four household contacts of the person who tested positive after flying from Christchurch to Tonga then travelled to Wellington, the Ministry said.

Four contacts of the case who travelled to Tonga on Wednesday have now been identified. Two remain in Christchurch, while the other two travelled to Wellington on Tuesday.

“All contacts have been contacted by public health officials, been told to self-isolate and get tested.

“Anyone with symptoms is asked to please get tested and reminded to get vaccinated today if they have not already.”

Seven new cases in Waikato

The Ministry said the seven new cases in waikato today include two in Kāwhia which were reported in yesterday’s 1pm update. The others are three from Hamilton, one from the Te Awamutu/Kihikihi area, and one from Ōtorohanga

Of the seven cases, four remain unlinked.

“All are in isolation with public health oversight.”


Kuo fakapapau’i ‘eni ‘a e feitu’u Mo e kakai ne nau fetu’utaki ‘i Christchurch mo e toko taha kuo puke ‘i Tonga he Koviti’ ka ‘oku ‘ikai tuku mai ‘a e fakaikiiki ‘e he kau Ma’u Mafai Nu’u Sila’. Ko e toko ua ‘i he toko fā ne nau nofo fakataha mo e tokotaha kuo ma’u ‘i Tonga ‘e he Koviti’, na’a’ na fononga ki Uelingatoni, ko e lau ‘eni mei he Potungāue Mo’ui ‘a Nu’u Sila’. ‘A ia ko e toko ua ‘oku’ na kei Christchurch kae toko ua ‘i Uelingatoni he Tusite’. Kuo ‘osi fetu’utaki ‘a e kau ma’umafai’ mo kinautolu ke nau fakamama’o ‘iate kinautolu pe pea ō sivi. ‘Oatu ai pe ‘i he ongoongo ko eni tokolahi e keisi fo’ou ‘i Nu’u Sila ni’ ‘a ia ko e toko 160 he ‘aho ni. Vakai ki he Kaniva’ ki he fakaikiiki e talanoa’ ni


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