Tome’s mother pleads for forgiveness after son’s attack as online donations reach TOP$26,000

    A mother has made an emotional plea for forgiveness for those involved in an alleged attack of his son in Australia earlier this week.

    Paea Tome (L), Siaki Tome

    Paea Tome said what had happened to her son was so heartbreaking because he was asking for money to buy some food before the attack happened.

    “Let’s move on and forgive each other,” she said during a Facebook livestream this afternoon from Tonga.

    Her son Siaki Tome was subjected to what appeared to be an unprovoked attack on Monday night in Australia.

    As Kaniva News reported last night, a man, Sini Piu claimed Siaki was asking for some money from his pay.

    Siaki’s mother said today, her son was asking Piu if he can pay him his two-day working hours in advance because he wanted to buy some food.

    A livestream video clip released by Piu on the night of the attack, showed he was talking to Tome.

    It appeared Piu was having a party with another friend.

    The livestream video clip, which was seen by Kaniva News, came to an abrupt halt after what appeared to be an altercation while Piu was trying to break it up.

    An apology

    Piu later posted an apology to Facebook and attempted to clarify the situation. He claimed the livestream was cut off after he was trying to stop a friend from allegedly attacking Tome.

    Siaki’s mother said today she has forgiven the accused.

    “I am the mother and I can tell you it was so devastating when I saw on Facebook to what had happened to my son,” Paea said in Tongan.

    She pleaded with the community to keep the peace.


    Footage of the alleged attack spread rapidly online, where Tome has received an outpouring of support.

    GoFundMe fundraising page was set up by Stenley Schulz, to help get Tome back on his feet.

    It is understood other groups including the PTOA Kolope Foundation were fundraising for Tome and they are expected to release the details soon.

    Tome is adopted by her maternal grandmother. She has received donations in Tonga from Tome’s supporters and former high school classmates.

    Two days after the Go Fund Me page was set up well-wishers have donated more than TOP$26,200 (NZ$16,400) accompanied with heartfelt sentiments from the Tongan community and beyond.

    One supporter wrote that while he didn’t know Tome they wished their small donation can help.

    “No human is supposed to be treated the way you have been,” they wrote.

    Others sent condolences to him and his mother who is in Tonga.

    “We support you and hope you find justice and new hope for a better future.”


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