Fangatongo rugby field upgrades left unfinished after fraudster ‘Etuate Lavulavu jailed

    A redevelopment project which began at the Fangatongo rugby playing field earlier this year has ceased, with mounting concerns that its condition is not contributing to the government’s Beautiful Tonga policy.

    Photos/Vava Lapota

    Bushes can be seen growing wild in what appears to be concrete terraced steps for spectators.

    Workers with heavy machinery began developing the site in March.

    ‘Etuate Lavulavu said at the time a grandstand, public toilet and a parking lot would be built.

    His project came after the Ministry of Health temporary stopped a rugby tournament because there was no public toilet at the venue.

    ‘Etuate Lavulavu. Photo/Facebook

    But after ‘Etuate and his wife former Cabinet Minister Akosita were sent to jail in July the redevelopment project was stopped.

    The Fangatongo rugby field is under the control of the Vava’u governor’s office. The governor was contacted for comment.

    This was not the first time ‘Etuate had been involved in an unfinished project at Fangatongo. He was previously accused of initiating an upgrade at the playground which was later left unfinished.

    ‘Etuate, who had been criticised for having maintained an unexplained influence on the Prime Minister, Pōhiva Tu’i’onetoa was the Deputy Chairman of the Tonga People’s Party.

    The Neiafu Town Officer Vava Lapota wanted answers from the authorities regarding the upgrade’s condition.

    He posted photos taken at the Fangatongo rugby playing field to Facebook this morning.

    “Who is going to finish this off,” he asked.


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