LDS, Wesleyan Methodist churches urge vaccination, decry misinformation

Church leaders from various dominations which have large numbers of Tongan followers have launched a campaign urging people to get their COVID-19 vaccinations.

They were concerned about misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines being spread on social media amongst their communities.

The Methodist Church New Zealand said in a statement: “Our research satisfies us that the ethical and safety questions surrounding the vaccine are far outweighed by the potential risk to those we serve”.

The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sent the following message to Church members around the world:

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

“We find ourselves fighting a war against the ravages of COVID-19 and its variants, an unrelenting pandemic. We want to do all we can to limit the spread of these viruses. We know that protection from the diseases they cause can only be achieved by immunizing a very high percentage of the population.

“To limit exposure to these viruses, we urge the use of face masks in public meetings whenever social distancing is not possible. To provide personal protection from such severe infections, we urge individuals to be vaccinated. Available vaccines have proven to be both safe and effective.

“We can win this war if everyone will follow the wise and thoughtful recommendations of medical experts and government leaders. Please know of our sincere love and great concern for all of God’s children.”

The Wesleyan Methodist Church New Zealand said in a statement published on its official website the church is encouraging our people to lead the way in receiving the blessing of a COVID-19 vaccine here in New Zealand.

“Our unique position in the world offers Aotearoa-New Zealand the very real opportunity to be COVID-free over coming months.  Whether that occurs will largely depend on the nation-wide take-up of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“The vaccine ensures the ongoing safety of those who are vulnerable and will enable us to reopen to the rest of the world over time. This opportunity is available because of the God-given talents of the experts who have led the way in responding to this global crisis.

The Wesleyan Methodist Church is encouraging our people to lead the way in receiving the blessing of a COVID-19 vaccine here in New Zealand.  We are doing so because:

We are committed to loving our neighbours, many of whom are vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19 should it gain a foothold in New Zealand;

We serve communities in vulnerable parts of the nation especially in the southern and western areas of Auckland City;

The ongoing social and economic harms arising from the pandemic need to be addressed as soon as possible;


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