TOP$22,000 raised in two hours for anti-drugs campaigner sued by Princess Pilolevu after alleged defamation

    Supporters of Anti-Drugs campaigner Afimeimo’unga Hola have donated TOP$22,000 to hire lawyers to represent him in his fight against several civil lawsuits brought against him.

    Afemeimo’unga hola leading a protest march against illicit drugs in Tonga. Photo/Facebook

    The fundraising which was livestreamed from Tonga at 7pm last night was organised by the PTOA Kolope Foundation.

    The organisation which is based in the US and has chapters in Australia, New Zealand and Tonga said the money will pay for Hola’s lawyers and other legal fees.

    It said this was part of its supports for Tonga’s war on drugs.

    Her Royal Highness Princess Pilolevu Tuita sought TOP$10,000 of damages from Hola after he alleged she was Tonga’s drug lord “’Ulu’ifeke or Head Of The Octopus”). The princess said Hola has defamed her.

    It is understood, more civil lawsuits had been filed in the Magistrate Court against Hola including one by Lawyer Clive Edwards Senior.

    Edwards sought TOP$10,000 of damages from Hola after he alleged the lawyer has been involved in drug dealings. Edwards has denied this.

    Hola appeared in court recently to face charges brought against him by an Indian business owner in Tonga for alleging his company was involved in drug related activities. The company denied Hola’s claims.

    Princess Salote Pilolevu Mafile’o Tuita

    Hola said on a Facebook livestream watched by Kaniva News he was a former drug dealer and had been working closely with former business people involved with drug dealings.

    The anti-drugs campaigner said he decided to quit his life of drug dealing to join Tonga’s war on illicit drugs.

    His allegation against the princess came after he made several Facebook live shows promoting his slogan – Say No To Drugs!

    Early this year he led a protest march against drugs in Nuku’alofa which attracted nationwide supports from churches and schools.



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