Truth behind strange object found on Tonga beach

    Oku taupotu 'i lalo ha fakamatala fakaTonga

    A strange object which washed up on a Tonga beach on Sunday has sparked debate online leaving locals baffled and bemused.

    Photo of the buoy which was first seen by many as mysterious/  Photo by Katea Retreat Beach (Facebook)

    Photos of the mystery object quickly appeared on social media and ideas about its origins came pouring in from around the world.

    Some who shared the images online yesterday said they have posted them because they need this mystery solved.

    The posts have gotten hundreds reactions and  shares as well as responses yesterday, including some who warned that the object might bring disaster to the country.

    Some locals claimed there was a “dangerous warning” sticker inside the object.

    Some alleged it was a small homemade submarine used to transport illicit drugs in the sea.

    However, another photo was posted to Facebook this morning with a woman standing by the object appears to have resolved the puzzle.

    The photo with caption was posted by the katea Retreat Beach.

    “Look what washed up on Katea Retreat Beach!” the caption goes.

    “Our friends first noticed it Sunday morning on a beach walk. We called the Mua Police Station to investigate because it’s something we never saw before and they arrived on the scene Sunday morning.

    “From their investigation, the police contacted the Marine department and the Ministry of Fisheries. Together they determined last night that it is Bouy #11 which marked the barrier reef on the south side of Tongatapu and broke off from its anchor. They are working on repairing the bouy and moving it back to its proper location”.


    Ne ‘i ai ha tailitili hono ma’u ‘a e me’a ngalikehe ko ‘eni hangē ha mīsini ‘i he matātahi Fu’amotu’. Lahi e vavalo ki ai pea ni’hi nau tukuaki’i na’a ko ha ki’i vakauku ne ngāue’aki ki hano fetuku ‘o e faito’o konatapu’. Ka ‘oku ha mai ‘eni ha tā he pongipongi’ ni ‘o pehē kuo mahino mei he kau ma’u mafai’ ko e fo’i poe pe ia ne ngāue’aki ‘i tahi ke ne tala e ngata’anga e hakau’, ka ne motu ia mei hono taula’.


    1. Very human … when the detail explanation and correct description is vague … we jump to the worse case interpretation … when will we ever learn.


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