Princess Pilolevu sues anti-drugs campaigner over drug lord allegation

    Princess Pilolevu Tuita is suing an anti-drugs-campaigner alleging his claim that she was the leader of drug dealers in Tonga was untrue.

    Princess Salote Pilolevu Mafile’o Tuita

    A civil lawsuit has been filed in the Magistrate court in Nuku’alofa this week, Nepituno webpage reported.

    The Princess is seeking TOP$10,000 of damages from Afimeimo’unga Hola who is also known by the name Pānuve over the allegation.

    The Princess reportedly said Hola has defamed her and had been lying about her, which Hola publicly denied during a recent live Facebook show.

    The court case came after Princess Pilolevu’s two sons-in-law, Sione Filipe Jr and ‘Epeli Taione had been arrested and charged in relation to illicit drugs. Taione who was charged with possession of Class A drugs received a 12-month suspended imprisonment sentence early this year.

    Afemeimo’unga hola leading a protest march against illicit drugs in Tonga. Photo/Facebook

    Hola said on a Facebook livestream seen by Kaniva News he was a former drug dealer and had been working closely with former business people involved with drug dealings.

    The anti-drugs campaigner said he decided to quit his life of drug dealing to join Tonga’s war on illicit drugs.

    His allegation against the princess came after he made several Facebook live shows promoting his slogan – Say No To Drugs!

    Early this year he led a protest march against drugs in Nuku’alofa which attracted nationwide supports from churches and schools.


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