Fight breaks out in the middle of Tongan church fundraising in US

    Footage has emerged of a brawl inside a Tongan church building in East Palo Alto in the United states.

    Tongan church members in Palo Alto intervened and stopped the fight

    The video clip, which has been widely shared on Facebook this week, shows a man wearing a formal red Tongan attire speaking into a microphone.

    It appeared he was attempting to share his concerns with the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga congregation.

    But while he was speaking he was intermittently interrupted and stopped by another man wearing a formal white Tongan attire and was standing short distance away.

    Some church members can be heard pleading with the duo to stop the quarrel as they were in a church building.

    The man in white attire was seen walking towards the man in red before some members of the church intervened and attempted to stop them.

    Kaniva News has not been able to confirm the authenticity of the video or who filmed it.

    It is understood the church was conducting a misinale fundraising.

    In 2019, a man appeared at an East Palo Alto court after trying to slit a fellow parishioner’s throat while she was eating in their Tongan East Palo Alto church’s dining hall.

    In 2018, a footage of a brutal brawl outside a Tongan church in East Palo Alto was shared on social media.


    1. Koe ngmea kotoa oku hoko i East Palo Alto, oku hoko ia hoku kaunga api he koe feituu eni oku ou nofo ai,mhk kou toki fanongo pe ha talanoa aha taha ae ng mea oku hoko, malie maupe kete fanongo he kakai lotu koeni,,
      Hange kiate au koe sapate Fa’ee,2018 oku ou nofo pe 5 blocks away meihe kii hall nae fai ai ae lotu ae kii siasi 🇹🇴 Tonga,

      Hhhhh, atunga ai mamani, heikai te tau kei haohaoa aipe,👉🥰🥰🇹🇴


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