Police searching for banned pistol after Tongatapu shooting

    Police have not yet found the illegal firearm used in an attack in Haveluloto in which a man had been allegedly shot in his arm earlier this month.

    The accused Timote ‘Aho’atu has been remanded in custody after he appeared in court recently for allegedly shooting Siaosi Na’a.

    Na’a was shot at least once in his arm with what local media have described as a prohibited type of pistol.

    He was taken to hospital before he was later discharged.

    The accused and the victim were known to each other. They became involved in a drunken fight in Havelu which led to ‘Aho’atu’s injury, the Kakalu ‘O Tonga Newspaper reported

    It appears Na’a was seeking revenge later after the fight.

    ‘Aho’atu reportedly told Police he threw the prohibited gun into the sea.


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