Covid-19 infected Tongan student shows ‘steady improvement’ as Fiji hits 636 new cases, six deaths

Report said the Tongan student at USP in Fiji who has been tested positive for Covid-19 is recovered while other Tongan students were doing fine, reported Sina Kami from the Tongan community in Suva.

In Tongan she said: “Kei faingamālie ai pe ‘e tau tokotaha Tonga ne puke’ pehē ki he ki’i fānau”.

Meanwhile, Fiji is heading towards a disaster on an unprecedented scale with 636 new cases of Covid-19 and six deaths in just 24 hours, said TVNZ’s One News.

One News Pacific Correspondent Barbara Dreavor reported:

There have now been 37 deaths since this outbreak started in April and another 16 people with Covid-19 which have been classified as dying from underlying medical conditions.

Secretary of Health Dr James Fong has predicted new case numbers will reach 800 a day.

Officials are urging residents to get vaccinated – so far 55 per cent of the target population have received one jab and nearly 10 per cent are fully vaccinated.

The morgue which can take 60 bodies is at full capacity and families are being urged to come and collect their loved ones for burial.

Medical providers are struggling to deal with serious cases, with ICU at Suva’s main hospital full.

Most people have been told to isolate at home but many have close contacts still going out to do urgent shopping to feed their families.


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