Family ‘devastated’ as two men lost at sea off Ha‘apai beach remain missing

    The family of the men who are missing off the coast of a Ha’apai beach just want them home.

    Viliami Mahe, one of the missing men’s brother in a Lulutai aircraft this morning searching for Maikolo and Kava. Photo/Facebook

    The missing men have been identified as Kava Mone and Maikolo Mahe.

    They went missing since yesterday afternoon.

    The family of Maikolo have been waiting on the Matalupekehea beach shoreline watching after a Lulutai aircraft scour the sea for any sign of the men.

    Maikolo’s brother Viliami has lamented his brother’s missing on social media.

    He wrote a heartfelt message for Maikolo in Tongan:

    “Maikolo please come

    “If you get here at night fall

    “I will light a fire on the beach

    “So that you can see me Viliami Mahe

    “I am here with Kakala waiting for you

    “Our mum and the rest of the family are waiting for you in (Tongatapu)”.


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