Chief Secretary letters invite church leaders to join gov’t’s national prayer and fasting services  

    Tonga Chief Secretary has written to church leaders and invited them to participate in the national fasting and prayer services conducted by the government in ‘Eua.

    Prime Minister Pohiva Tu’i’onetoa and Chief Secretary and Secretary to Cabinet Edgar Cocker. Photo/Kalino Lātū (Kaniva Tonga News)

    The services began at 5pm on Saturday and ended at 7pm on Sunday 20.

    Chief Secretary and Secretary to Cabinet Edgar Cocker told the church leaders Tonga was still Covid-19 free because God looked after Tonga well.

    He said this was a prayer and fasting services for their congregations, Tongans in Tonga and overseas, a copy of the letters seen by Kaniva News says.

    It came after Prime Minister Pohiva Tu’i’onetoa has warned his critics last year not to resist the fasting and prayer tour programme.

    Tu’i’onetoa believed Tonga has no cases of Covid-19 because of the fasting.

    The Government’s fasting and prayer tours have not come without a price.

    The first visit to ‘Eua last year, which ran from October 10 -11 was estimated to have cost TOP$100,000. It has been criticised as a waste of money.

    The spouses of Cabinet members on tour were paid travel allowances.

    At the time, the government has been attacked online, with many deeming it hypocritical and pharisaical and claiming the tours were a cover for other activity. The tours have also been criticised as really being a political campaign by the government’s People’s Party because of November’s general election.

    Last year Parliament had to close while Cabinet toured the outer islands and again this week it was closed while they were in ‘Eua to join the Free Wesleyan Church’s annual conference and to conduct the government’s fasting campaign.

    The prime minister is being accused of failing to take action against convicted Cabinet Minister ‘Akosita. .


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