Tongatapu Police chief under investigation after drink driving allegations

    The Ministry of Police has launched a criminal investigation into Mu’a Police Chief Sisi Tonga  after being caught drink driving, it has been claimed.

    Nuku’alofa Cantral Police station. Photo/Kaniva Tonga News

    It is alleged the police superintendent was driving his police vehicle while he was under the influence of alcohol, Kaniva News has learnt.

    It is understood the incident happened after an official farewell ceremony was held last month in honour of the departing Police Commissioner Stephen Caldwell.

    Last year 21 police officers have been sacked over criminal convictions and serious disciplinary breaches.

    The Tonga Police Board had terminated the employments following a hearing on a loss of confidence in their positions.

    Reports said the officers failed to live up to the ethical and professional standards required of a Tongan Police Officer.

    Of the 21 dismissals, 14 were based on serious disciplinary breaches that included unauthorised absence, failure to complete the recruitment requirements and sexual harassment.

    Seven dismissals were based on criminal cases that include extortion, obtain money by false pretences, theft, assaults, reckless driving causing death and forgery.

    With regards to the two sexual harassment cases, former Supreme Justice Charles Cato said it represented totally unacceptable behaviour which could not be tolerated.

    “Females or for that matter any police officer is entitled to serve free from harassment of any kind be it sexual, bullying, or other humiliating conduct.

    “There must be adequate avenues provided and education to allow officers who fall victim to these practices to make a timely complaint and seek professional advice within the force and if need be in confidence. If there is an adverse culture in the Tonga Police or parts of it, that culture must be arrested forthwith.”


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