Lord Fohe pleads not guilty to alleged beating

    The king’s noble, Lord Fohe, has pleaded not guilty to allegedly assaulting a man, the Kakalu ‘O Tonga newspaper reported.

    Lord Fohe

    The noble appeared in the Magistrate court on May 7 and he is expected to reappear in court later.

    The offence carries an imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or a fine not more than $5,000.

    The noble was no stranger to court and controversy.

    As Kaniva News reported previously,  Lord Fohe and his Free Wesleyan church minister had to be restrained during a dispute over damage to a fence, it has been claimed.

    Reports claimed the church minister was unhappy after a bulldozer destroyed the fence of the church’s residence for its ministers in Puke.

    Lord Fohe is the estate holder of Puke.

    In 2017, 12 Puke residents took Lord Fohe to court after a dispute with another Puke resident, Monte Payne.

    However the court dismissed the application and ruled in favour of the noble  saying the issues raised could be answered without joining the present Lord Fohe as a party.


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