Death of Tongan after receiving Covid vaccine reported; no link established says Health Minister

    A Tongan has died after getting a Covid-19 vaccination, but the Ministry of Health says there is no direct link.

    The death of the  93-year-old woman a day after receiving her Covid-19 vaccination was “due to non-communicable diseases including a heart condition”, the Minister of Health Prof ‘Amelia Tu’ipulotu was quoted by local media as saying.

    The Minister reportedly said the death was investigated.

    The elderly woman was given the jab together with members of her family.

    The Ministry previously said it remained confident the vaccine was safe and effective.

    Meanwhile, it said it is working to make sure more of the vital vaccines do not go to waste by lowering down the vaccination ages from 35 to 30.

    It has also broadened the vaccination roll-out to the people of ‘Eua island starting today Thursday 19.

    Prof Tu’ipulotu said 22,363 people have been vaccinated so far.

    “This means that about 80% of Tonga’s first vaccines batch has been used with none gone to waste”, she said.

    “Don’t miss out on the last few weeks of the national rollout. If you are aged 30 and above, aged 18 with an NCDs or disabilities, come get vaccinated this week – Digi Square or NCD Centre”.


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