Tongatapu man acquitted after single-punch self defence knocks out victim’s tooth

A Ma’ufanga man has been found not guilty of causing bodily harm after he threw a  punch at another Ma’ufanga man knocking one of his teeth out.

Simione Kulitapa was acquitted earlier this month after pleading not guilty to willfully and without lawful justification causing injury to Sosefo Faka’osi.

The Magistrate court was told that on 4 August 2019 Faka’osi was drunk and got into an argument with his wife after he found out she did not cook food for him.

It said his wife was disappointed that Faka’osi was drinking alcohol on a Sunday.

Faka’osi swore at his wife before he engaged in an altercation with another person, identified in court as Soane.

Kulitapa heard the altercation and swearing, and he went with a torch to find out.

He arrived at the scene before Faka’osi challenged him into a fight. Meanwhile, a brother of Faka’osi, identified in court as Maka was attacking people at the scene with a torch.

Fearing he might be injured, Kulitapa threw a single-punch at Faka’osi causing him to lose a tooth.

Faka’osi admitted assault causing actual bodily harm in court saying he was doing it in self-defence in which Magistrate Mafi agreed.

“The accused is acquitted,” Mr Mafi said.


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