Septic tank truck seen outside Vava‘u restaurant after ‘poor sanitation’ allegation complaints

    A septic tank truck was spotted outside Sam Panda restaurant in Neiafu yesterday afternoon five days after Kaniva News reported the restaurant was at the centre of a series of complaints lodged with Health Authority.

    Septic tank truck outside Sam Panda restaurant. Photo/Vāvā Lapota

    Neiafu Town Officer Vava Lapota, who is also a local freelance reporter, said the truck was cleaning out the restaurant’s septic system.

    Lapota claimed the Chinese owner of the restaurant met him on Friday and apologised after Lapota’s complaints were revealed by Kaniva News.

    The restaurant owner could not be reached for comment.

    Lapota said the owner Sam Pander said there were arrangements for workers to clean up the restaurant’s compound and making regular checks on the sewage tank but they did not do it.

    As Kaniva News reported last week, Lapota claimed he has lodged a number of complaints with Health Authority over what he has described as poor sanitation conditions of the restaurant, but he hadn’t heard back.

    Lapota said his complaints included the restaurant allegedly being operated without a proper drain system for its wastewater.

    He also complained that the wastewater was collected before it was allegedly disposed into the seas.


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