Second heavy truck carrying rocks for gov’t road construction works crashes into property fence

    A heavy truck carrying rocks smashed into a church minister’s residence in Houma this afternoon.

    Another heavy truck arrived at the scene to tow the truck which crashed into the fence. Photo/Supplied

    The truck which belongs to one of the contractors which conducted road works under the Prime Minister’s multimillion road project crashed right into a billboard before it damaged the Free Wesleyan Church residence’s stone fence.

    An eyewitness told Kaniva News there were no injuries.

    No other vehicles were involved in the crash.

    Another vehicle from the company was seen arriving at the scene to tow the truck.

    The crash came after about a month when a truck carrying rocks, which appears to be from the same company, has gone off the road and crashed into a fence before it landed in a front yard in Ha’alalo.


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