USP Vice Chancellor Professor Pal Ahluwalia arrested in Fiji

    Puke ‘e he kau polisi ‘o fakahū ‘a e tokoni saniselā ‘a e ‘Univēsiti USP ko ha tūkunga fakamuimui taha ‘eni ‘i ha fetakai ‘a e taki’ ni mo e pule’anga Fisi’ ‘i ha keisi ne fakaanga’i ai ‘e Tonga e tō’ongafai kuo fakahoko ki he palōfesa’ ni. Ne iku foki ‘o fakamālōloo’i fakataimi ‘a Palōfesa Pal Ahluwalia hili ‘ene fakahā ngali kuo ‘i ai ‘a hono pā’osi’i e me’a fakapa’anga ‘a e ‘univēsitii’ ni pea fakahoko e hia ko e fakalava maaka ‘aki e sino ‘o e tamaiki ako’ ‘e he kau faiako’.

    Fiji Police and Immigration officials have detained the University of the South Pacific Vice-Chancellor Professor Pal Ahluwalia, Fiji’s FBC reported this morning.

    Professor Pal Ahluwalia. Photo/ University of Portsmouth

    USP Pro-Chancellor Winston Thompson reportedly said he was aware of the arrest of the Vice-Chancellor and his wife, however, he did not provide any further explanation of the arrest, the broadcaster said.

    It said USP Staff Union President Elizabeth Read Fong said the Vice-Chancellor and his wife were taken in at midnight.

    Fong reportedly said that the USP Council, Chancellor, and Pro-Chancellor have been informed and staff will await their advice on their next move.

    The arrest was the latest twist after Kaniva News and other Pacific media reported last year claims some academics and staff at USP may have been rorting the university’s financial system for years.

    The activities were uncovered in a report by Accountants BDO who were brought in after the university’s new Vice Chancellor, Professor Pal Ahluwalia found irregularities.

    At the time we reported that other USP documents showed the Fijian government has been trying to drive Professor Ahluwalia out of the country.

    There were also documents concerning a sex for grades scandal at the university.

    Professor Ahluwalia was suspended following the allegations, an act which has drawn criticism from Tonga and several other Pacific nations.

    Australia has suspended aid until the university is cleaned up.


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