Tongatapu Police officer charged after allegedly abusing son

    Tuku ki tu'a fakataimi pea faka'ilo ha Polisi Vainī ki hono pā'osi'i 'a hono foha ta'u hiva. Ne 'ikai ha fakaikiiki ki he fakamamahi ne fai' ka kuo fa'ao 'e he kau polisi' 'a e foha' 'o 'ave ia ki ha feitu'u malu.

    The Commissioner of Police has suspended a Senior Police Constable in Vainī from his duty after being charged with child abuse, domestic violence and cruelty to children.

    A Tongan Police officer. Photo/Kaniva Tonga

    The 34-year-old father was arrested on Wednesday after he allegedly committed the crimes on his nine-year-old son on Monday.

    Police Commissioner Stephen Caldwell said the child is now in a safe place.

    “Tonga Police is committed to reducing the harm of family and domestic violence. We therefore recognize that first we must set a high standard for responding and investigating family and domestic violence by ensuring systems, resources and people are continuously developed to effectively meet the drivers of family and domestic violence.”

    The accused remains in police custody to appear at the Magistrate’s Court on a later date.

    The incident came after a woman was arrested and charged with assault, abuse and causing bodily harm related to an alleged severe abuse of her female toddler last month.

    At the time, Police removed the child from her mother and placed her in the care of a family member.


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