Covid 19 restrictions: Man in Tanoa isolation facility pleas with authority to allow him see dead wife

    A Tongan man in managed isolation has pleaded with authorities to allow him kiss and say goodbye to his wife who died earlier this week.

    ‘Alatini Fanakena. Photo/Supplied

    ‘Alatini Fakena is devastated he will never get the chance to be with his wife, ‘Ānau Ki he Sina Pateta Fakena, and is wishing authorities could change how they deal with compassionate exemptions.

    He arrived in Tongatapu recently in one of the repatriation flights from New Zealand.

    “Dear darling, I thought I was brave enough to withstand this but I didn’t. You have gone and left me alone with our children,” a heartfelt message appears to be written by ‘Alatini was shared on Facebook.

    “I am in tears while being isolated at the Tanoa as I could not join you with our kids

    “I wish I have the power to make decision so I can be released to come home.

    “I have come all the way from New Zealand and now I am getting stuck here”.

    ‘Alatini said he wished authorities could give him a chance.

    Tonga have very strict rules in place in an attempt to make sure the country is protected against the Covid-19 pandemic.

    As Kaniva News reported earlier this week, the government has extended the managed quarantine period from 14 days and seven days home isolation to 21 days with no home isolation.

    Previously the third week of mandatory quarantine had been isolation at home.

    The new variants of Covid-19 which were rapidly replacing other versions of the virus around the world and increasing issues raised about repatriated nationals being sent to home isolations after their 14-day living in managed isolation facilities have led the government to introduce the new measure.

    A total of 27 people breached home quarantine rules, authority said this week.

    Tonga is still Covid-19 free.


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