‘Umukisia Fiva death: Accused due to appear in Auckland High Court on February 3

    Tu'utu'uni ke hā 'a e faka'iloa kuo tukuaki'i ki he'ene pekia' 'i he Fakamaau'anga Mā'olunga 'a 'Aokalani' he māhina katu'u' Fepueli 'aho 3

    A Tongan man charged with killing a Tongan woman in South Auckland last year is due to appear in court next month.

    ‘Umukisia Tu’iono. Photo/Facebook

    An Auckland High Court spokesperson told Kaniva News this morning the “deceased was ‘Umukisia Fiva who died on the 27th September 2020 at Manurewa.”

    It said “the accused is appearing at the High Court on the 3rd February 2021 at 9.00am.”

    “The charge is manslaughter.”

    Fiva, who was also known by the name ‘Umukisia Tuiono died after being allegedly assaulted by the accused.

    Police arrived at the Smedley Street property at 3.20am and the accused was arrested a short time later. .

    Fiva died at the scene. Her body was later laid to rest in Auckland.

    The accused’s identity is known to Kaniva News and it was shared on Facebook last year while the victim’s death was reported, but we could not release it even at this stage for legal reasons.

    It is understood the deceased and the accused were in a relationship and they were visiting families in New Zealand before the fatal incident occurred.


    1. Why not charge with 1st degree murder?

      Feinga’i atu kihe ‘api popula ‘ihe Saute ‘o Otago ‘oku lahi ai kau sole-mauri faafafine ke nau ki`i assult’i ai leva mo ako’i he `oku ngali koe ki`i hia koaa … pea toki fkheka mai ki Tolitoli…


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