Family ‘devastated’ after Kotu pastor’s body found

    Searchers have found the body of Pastor Silakivai ‘Ahoafi, who had been missing for nearly a day at sea.

    Rev Silakivai with his sons. Photo/Facebook

    Photos and video clips shared to Facebook appeared to show the family were devastated by the news.

    The 49-year-old from Ha’avakatolo was serving the Free Wesleyan Church of Kofu island.

    Police said Rev ‘Ahoafi had “drowned” while fishing at sea.

    A jury has confirmed his cause of death, Police said.

    As Kaniva News reported yesterday, Rev ‘Ahoafi went for a fishing trip with one of his sons before the incident happened.

    Meanwhile, tributes are flowing for the “funny, free-spirited” pastor since yesterday.

    Friends and family have shared their memories of him online.

    “You always kept your listeners awake and laughing while delivering your sermons,” one person said on Facebook.

    Another described him as a “special person” who always shared his fish with his people on his way from the sea.

    Video clips appear to show his wife Tupou was overwhelmed with emotions and understandably devastated as the body of her husband was being carried by the searchers in what appeared to be a mat from the water.


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